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Wheat bags or soothing body wraps; whatever you call them the purpose is the same; to provide quick & effective relief from everyday ailments.

The benefits your dog might get from a wheat bag include:

  • Muscle soothing and relaxation
  • Relaxation of muscle spasms
  • Relief from stiff and/or sore joints
  • Relief from arthritis pain
  • General pain relief



1. Place wheat bag in the centre of the microwave ensuring it does not obstruct the turntable. Make sure the wheat bag is flat and evenly distribute the wheat.WHEAT BAG MAXIMUM HEATING TIMES ARE BELOW.

2. Never heat the wheat bag for more than 1 minute at a time. If heating wheat bag for longer than one minute, shake and turn the wheat bag over for each minute of heating.

3. Remove carefully from microwave. Wheat bag will be hot after heating, handle with care.

4. Gently shake the wheat bag to evenly distribute the wheat. Check the temperature is comfortable before use.

5. Allow the wheat bag to cool completely before reheating and/or before storage on a non-combustible surface such as the kitchen sink.

To chill

Pop in a sealable freezer bag for approximately 2-10 hours.

Use as a cool pack on bruises, swellings etc.

 All made with 100% cotton.

Standard Wheat bag Maximum 2mins 14”x4.5” 500g

The Whea Man maximum 1.5 mins 7”x4.5” 250g


Weight 2 kg
Wheat Bag Sizes

Standard 14”x4.5”, The Whea Man 7”x4.5”


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