About Us

First of all, let me introduce you to the inspiration for Refurrrb. His name is Errol and he is a very good boi who has a long neck, as all sighthounds tend to have!
My name is Rachel and I created Refurrrb quickly after adopting Errol due to the difficulty of sourcing a good looking and affordable collar which had been created as locally and as ethically as possible.

Refurrrb is a small unique business which relies on recycled materials and fabrics sourced from charitable donations and organisations which help to advocate a sustainable and more ethical future.
We have previously made products from scrap fabrics, clothes, outdoor wear, towels and other cloth items and continue to deliver high standard, sometimes custom fitted, affordable and durable products.
This sustainability also extends to our packaging where the material (when possible) is reused and is all 100% recyclable, including our stickers as well!

10% of all of sales go directly to a charity of our supporters choice at the end of each season. Hopefully our eco-conscious approach means you and your doggo can have lovely things AND help keep the planet alive. Its a win win situation!!!

Please visit our Instagram to see how some products are made, find exclusive deals and offers, and most of all, lots of Errol being the bestest boi content you could ever want! Thank you so much!